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AddonSoftware Sales and Support for 29 Years!

MASI Overview

MicroAccounting Systems, Inc. (MASI) has been helping businesses with the planning, implementation, and on-going support of their AddonSoftware systems since 1984. Our clients are primarily Pacific Northwest companies in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and other inventory-intensive industries.

Since its founding in 1983, MicroAccounting Systems, Inc. (MASI) has helped mid-size businesses in Oregon and Washington in the planning, selection, implementation and on-going support of their information systems. We help people perform their jobs more easily, more efficiently, more profitably, and more enjoyably through the application of systems technology.

Inventory Management

Our focus is on companies with challenging inventory management issues - typically manufacturing and distribution companies. Our clients have faced virtually every inventory management challenge, from a single location to many locations, lot and serial number tracking, lot tracing for foods and chemicals in both manufacturing and distribution environments, blending of lots with traceability retained for the source lots, manufacturing using serialized components into serialized finished items, storing tests and test data for lot numbers, and much more.



What makes manufacturing industries so interesting and challenging is that no two companies are the same - even companies that manufacture the same basic product. And often for the company to be successful, its differences are also its market differentiators and must be the centerpiece of its manufacturing system.  That's where we come in. With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we specialize in making the system fit our clients' market differentiators.



The most important part of our business is the long term relationships we have with our clients. We think of our company as a "shared IT department" for our clients - over time we get to know them well and vice-versa, and we enjoy providing services to them. They benefit by having access to a staff of professionals who are very knowledgeable with the products the client is using, at a fraction of the cost of a single IT staff member.